Top 10 Most Popular Shoe Brands in 2023

 The global footwear industry has been expanding continuously, and popular shoe brands are bringing sleek, chic and stylish trends. 

 Read on to explore the top ten international shoe brands that have been delivering exceptional quality to their clientele for a long time! 

  • Nike

Undeniably renowned globally, Nike boasts an illustrious reputation built upon remarkable designs, creative thinking, and flawless execution. Nike's global influence extends beyond the US; they have a notable impact in India alone.

Creating footwear that combines form and function is always the goal, which requires constant improvement efforts.

 From athletic pursuits like basketball and sprinting to more relaxed moods, Nike presents various shoes customized for different tastes. It significantly influences sports culture and the fashion industry, as evidenced by its status as among the world's leading footwear brands.

  • Puma

Puma, a highly acclaimed shoe brand, has significantly contributed to sports and style. With its ability to harmoniously mix sportswear and daily attire, Puma is celebrated globally. Agility and speed characterize Puma's identity, reflected by the leaping cat emblem.

Consumers concerned about sustainability appreciate Puma's green initiatives and recognize them as a significant factor when purchasing. Progress has been achieved through reduced carbon emissions and increased reliance on reused resources.

  • Reebok

Reebok represents athletics at its finest. Iconic branding elements like white sneakers and the Vector logo define Reebok. From athletes to casual wearers alike, Reebok appeals to a broad spectrum of individuals through its diverse range of quality products.

  • Adidas

Next in line is another renowned name in the footwear niche - Adidas. It reigns supreme across sportswear and footwear industries worldwide. Adidas stands out by prioritizing genuity, incorporating advanced technologies such as Boost and Primeknit into its footwear for exceptional comfort and performance. Collaboration with prominent designers and celebrities has allowed Adidas to become a more diverse and liked shoe brand.

  • Bata

 Generations have experienced this one of the popular shoe brands that remains an integral part of their lives. With a proven track record of providing sturdy yet reasonably priced kicks, Bata stands head and shoulders above competitors when seeking dependable day-to-day footwear alternatives. 

From scholastic shoes to fashionable clothing and all the way to comfort sandals, Bata covers an extensive spectrum of shoe varieties that appeal to people of varying interests.

  • New Balance

Craftsmanship and comfort are core values at New Balance. Its superior cushioning and support properties have made the brand popular among runners and athletes. Classic and vintage styles alike are commended for combining performance with stylish flair. 

  • Woodland

With durable shoes in numerous rough designs and layouts, Woodland has amassed international customers as one of India's most prominent shoe companies. Excellent quality is a crucial brand recognition; thus, they offer outstanding outdoor shoes that stand the test of time. They feature everything from boots to slippers to sandals alongside other attachments.

  • Skechers

With an emphasis on comfort during walks, Skechers shoes have become popular thanks to their foam insoles. By blending practicality into their designs and a relaxed vibe, Skechers produces footwear encompassing various categories, such as sneakers through slip-ons and sports shoes. The brand expands beyond casual wear with performance footwear options designed for athletes by providing top-notch support and cushioning.

  • Vans

Skate shoemaker extraordinaire; that's exactly who you think of when Vans comes up! Appealing to more than just hardcore skaters, the brand enjoys widespread popularity across age groups. People have unique preferences, but Vans covers them with assorted shoe options.

  • Peter England

Last but not least, Peter England is one of the most popular shoe brands—the range of their shoes gels well with the formal looks. The sleek designs and reasonable pricing make it a popular choice among people. 


These top ten shoe brands have created a name in the footwear niche globally. They cater to a broad audience, from athletes to daily casual looks!